Hainanese Chicken Rice – Malaysian Hawker Favorite

One of the most loved hawker dishes in Malaysia and probably the adopted national dish of Singapore, Hainanese Chicken Rice (more often called ‘chicken rice’). You will find this delicious dish in most, if not all, food courts and hawker centres. The dish consists of succulent poached chicken served with richly flavored rice and accompanied by chicken broth, chilli garlic sauce and a thick and sticky sweet soy sauce. The combination of all these elements is what makes this dish complete. Although predominant across Malaysia and Singapore you can find Hainanese Chicken Rice throughout South East Asia. Each country has its own version, but it … Read more


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Malaysian Karipap Ayam – Delicious Anytime Snack Chicken Curry Puff

The Malaysian Karipap, or Curry puff, is a simple and tasty snack that is loved by everyone of all ages across Malaysia and South East Asia. It is a deliciously popular breakfast item and equally enjoyed as an afternoon or evening snack. The Karipap can be found at most stores, especially at the roadside Hawker food stalls. The Karipap contains a thick curried potato mix in a pastry shell. However they also are made with chicken, sardine and beef. This recipe is my personal favorite Chicken!


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