Best Chicken Satay Recipe – Malaysian Satay Ayam

malaysian sate ayam! the best bbq chicken satay recipe

Chicken Satay is the ideal sharing dish for family, friends or to take to an open home party. Being enormously popular there is now a huge offering and assortment of marinades . The marinade in our recipe is the one that most people know as the original and luckily it is also the simplest. It gives the chicken a smokey, sweet caramelized flavour, along with aromatic lemongrass, cumin and turmeric. Serve with peanut sauce, cucumber wedges, red onion slices and cubes of pressed rice.

Malaysian Char Kway Teow (Stir Fried Flat Noodles)

Malaysian Char Kway Teow

A Delicious Hawker Delight – Malaysian Char Kway Teow Malaysian Char Kway Teow is derived from the Hokkien term ‘Char’ meaning ‘fried’.  ‘Kway teow’ refers to the ‘flat rice noodles’, …

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Malaysian Nasi Lemak (Authentic Breakfast Recipe)

Malaysian Nasi Lemak

Rice cooked with coconut milk and Sambal chili on the side with crispy fried anchovies, roasted red skinned peanuts and boiled egg halves.  It is the breakfast of kings and …

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