Mamak Roti Canai Recipe – A Hawker Favorite Anytime Of The Day Or Night

Mamak Roti Canai (or Roti Paratha) at some time originated from the shores of southern India.  However since then it has been modified, molded and made truly famous by the Mamak (Muslim-Indian) Hawkers in Malaysia and Singapore. In Malaysia, The Mamak Roti Canai is a crispy and buttery (cooked in ghee) flat bread.  While crispy on the outside, all good Roti has delicate fluffy layers within.  This is true foodie paradise! Across the straits in Singapore, the Roti exists, however more commonly known as Roti Paratha. I love Mamak Roti Canai It was introduced to me first by an Indian Malaysian”Aunty” – who was a remarkable … Read more


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