TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Iron Teapot Kettle (Plum Flower 1.3L)

BRAND INSTRUCTION The cast iron kettle also called TETSUBIN in Japan,which has handreds year of production.
TOWA Workshop is one of the traditional workshops of handmade tetsubin.You will find that use Tetsubin to
boiling water which can improve water quality by releasing iron ions and absorbing chloride ions in water.
The water will taste softer and sweeter after boiled by suteas cast iron teapot.

Use and Maintenance

1、When use the teapot at the first time, put 5-10 grams of tea into the iron teapot and brewing for
about 10 minutes.Pour the water out after boiled. Repeat boiling in this way for 2-3 times.
A tannin film will cover the inside of the teapot, which is the reaction of tannin from tea leaves
and Fe2+ from iron teapot, it will protect the pot from rusting and remove the odor of new pot.

2、Please do not pour over 70% of its capacity water into the teapot to avoid the water overflow
when boiling.

3、Please keep the inside of the teapot dry after each use.Just take the lid off to evaporate the
water inside.Then use soft cloth to wipe it.

4、Please do not wash or rub the teapot inside or outside with a sponge, detergent, brush or cleaning
implement.You may polish the surface of the teapot with a lightly squeezed soft cloth, which has been
soaked with tea as this will help to keep it glossy.


√ Product guarantee:Any deficits upon receiving the teapot, please kindly contact us. We will ship a
new one toyou immediately.
√ Quality guarantee:Any quality…

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TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Iron Teapot Kettle Plum Flower 1.3L

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