Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot

Made in Japan. The Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot is handmade.

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  • Cast iron teapot with painting on the exterior surface.
  • Comes with a stainless tea strainer.
  • Excellent heat retention properties.
  • Enamel coated inside to prevent rust formation
  • This teapot cannot be used as an open flame kettle. Heating over an open flame will damage the exterior paint work.
  • Easy to clean.  Just wash with a soft sponge. Please do not use a hard brush or cleanser, as they will cause the damage on the paint.
  • Ensure you dry the exterior of the teapot well to avoid rusting.
  • A Perfect gift for housewarming, wedding, birthday … or yourself!



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Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot

It is said that the Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot was first made in Japan during the late 17th or early 18th centuries.  However, there are a few accounts stating that they were present during the Sen no Rikyu period.

Sen no Rikyu is the historical figure with the most profound influence on the Japanese “Way of Tea”.

Tetsubin – The Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot

Cast iron teapots, known as Tetsubin in Japan. With the arrival of Sencha Green Tea these teapots became a household item all over China and Japan.

Avid tea brewers believe that Tetsubin teapots make the best tea.  The water boiled in cast iron teapots has a unique taste due to the natural iron in the metal.  This results in the tea tasting better than when brewed in other teapots or kettles.

These cast iron teapots allowed the people of that time to keep the water warm so they could pour the water over the loose tea leaves. This has led to the Tetsubin becoming a part of traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies.

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Benefits Of The Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot.

Pure Cast Iron teapots enable you to avoid harmful chemicals that come from teapots made with other industrialized materials.

Many modern teapots contain materials which gives off PFCs (perfluorocarbons) when heated.  PFCs are damaging to the liver.

An American Dietetic Association study found that using cast iron teapots benefited health.  They enable a healthy amount of iron to be leached into the boiling water.

This results in the tea brewed becoming infused with iron.  The person drinking tea will receive a boost of iron, minerals and nutrients.  People with iron deficiencies can greatly benefit from this effect.

Therefore we recommend the Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot as both a health boosting piece of cookware and an artistic addition to your kitchen.

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