Unique Antique Gold 10 inch Bamboo Steamer Set

Enjoy Healthy & Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Use this collection of bamboo steamers to create a versatile, authentic and healthy oriental meal in the comfort of your home. Resting over a wok, or indeed any pan of boiling water, this versatile bamboo steamer set can be used to steam any food and cook without fat. This retains not only all of the food’s taste and color but also a higher proportion of its nutrients, vitamins and minerals, helping you keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Quality Design

Our 10 inch bamboo steamers are made from the highest quality woven bamboo. They are sturdy and waterproof and with brass color stainless steel banding, trap moisture better as well as look incredibly stylish! The two-tiered design allows you to cook rice, cous cous, vegetables, fish, shellfish and meat at the same time. And the three 4 inch mini steamers offer further versatility so you can cook dim sum, dumplings, wontons and other Chinese starters to complete the perfect Asian menu.

Practical Extras

Use the free liners before placing food in the steamer to cook any thai or Chinese food then once cooked, use the free chopsticks to enjoy into your oriental feast!

Easy Care – Top Durability

Our bamboo rice steamers are very easy to look after. Simply rinse by hand with water before and after use – but avoid soaking in water for a long time. Do not use soap as this can be detrimental to the quality of the bamboo. The brass/gold colored stainless steel banding can simply be…

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EAN List Element: 0647732070712



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Height: 618, Length: 1071, Weight: 315, Width: 1051

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10 inch Bamboo Steamer Set 2 Tier Large Bamboo Steamer Basket – Unique Antique GOLD Color Stainless Steel Banding – Vegetables Dim Sum Dumplings + Mini Chinese Steamers, Chopsticks, Filter Papers


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UPC List Element: 647732070712

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