Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer And Steaming Ring


10-Inch Bamboo Steamer and 11-Inch Steaming Ring come together in one useful bundle! An authentic tool for steaming vegetables and meats or serving dim sum at the table, this steamer from Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen line is crafted from tightly woven bamboo. In addition to being a sustainable material, bamboo is an effective steaming material because it traps steam, absorbs condensation, and retains heat. The 100 percent natural bamboo slats are hand-woven into a layered cylindrical basket with a tightly constructed lid and secured with bamboo pegs. Tidy and attractive, the unit rests over a wok or, with the included 11-Inch steaming ring, on a pot of boiling water to cook without fat or cumbersome equipment. The Steamer meaures 10 inches in diameter and is handcrafted. Detergent-free washing by hand is recommended. The innovative 11-inch Steaming Ring allows the 10-inch Bamboo Steamer to be used directly on an uncovered saucepan, stock pot or Dutch oven instead of in a wok. Using your Steaming Ring on a saucepan, stock pot or Dutch oven won’t damage your well-seasoned or nonstick wok by boiling water in it, and there’s a large capacity for water so the straight sided stock pot takes up less space on your stove. This frees up your wok or stir fry pan for cooking so you can stir-fry and steam at the same time. The steaming ring is designed to sit on top of an uncovered saucepan or stockpot. The Bamboo Steamer is then placed securely on the ring and now you can conveniently…

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HIC Harold Import Co.


HIC Harold Import Co.

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Height: 701, Length: 1098, Weight: 245, Width: 1098

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HIC Harold Import Co.


Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer and 11-Inch Steaming Ring


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UPC List Element: 781723971999

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