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Hainanese Chicken RiceBy HolisticJBA classic Singaporean / Malaysian dish of succulent poached chicken and flavored rice served with chilli-garlic sauce, soy sauce and a clear chicken soup.
Penang White Curry MeeBy HolisticJBIf you are searching a taste of Malaysia then the Penang White Curry Mee is a great start! You Must Try This Number 1 Spice Sensation
Fried Bee Hoon – A Makan DelightBy HolisticJBThe Makan Style Fried Bee Hoon is a simple, and totally delicious Malaysian breakfast. If you find yourself in the fantastic Kuala Lumpur, the side streets of Penang or in a town in Sarawak, wherever you may find yourself in Peninsula Malaysia or Borneo you will find this dish. And you absolutely must try this divine dish! Fried Bee Hoon is easily found. As it is popular among locals and tourists alike it is commonly found in Hawker Stands, in dishes lining the roadways, homemade delights from local ladies selling breakfasts (it's an awesome way to start the day before heading to work) as well as being found in the many top class restaurants or mall food courts. It is also a dish often made at home, and large plastic containers of it stored for hungry folk as and when needed! Easy to make and very economical in cost. The Fried Bee Hoon is simply rice vermicelli topped with the cooks favoured flavours - usually always inclusive of chicken ( or chicken sausage), fried egg, shrimp and fishball or tofu skin. However you'll find differing ingredients added dependent upon region, and heritage. Chinese often add their famous pork sausage, and this would most definitely not be added by Malays. They instead ensure the dish is Halal, with addition of mushroom and of course wonderful hits from hot and spicy chili. Truly earning this dish a place here in AsiaFlavor.
Malaysian Nasi LemakBy HolisticJBRice cooked with coconut milk and Sambal chili on the side with crispy fried anchovies, roasted red skinned peanuts and boiled egg halves. It is the breakfast of kings and the most delicious of dishes – The beloved Malaysian Nasi Lemak. All Malaysians, tourists and Expats who have the luck to call Malaysia home adore this delicious and nutritious meal. It also has a history which is nearly as humble as its simple ingredients.
Thai Beef Noodle SoupBy HolisticJBEnjoy this classic Thai Beef Noodle Soup! Also a wonderful recipe if you have any left over Sunday Roast Beef! You don’t even need to worry about reheating your roast beef as sliced thin enough it will heat up perfectly in your bubbling broth. Don’t have leftover roast beef? We show you how to make the beef from scratch!

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