Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon, with Long Handle, Set of 4

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Each spoon in our Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon Set is carefully crafted using high-quality ceramic. The smooth and glossy finish of the spoons adds an elegant touch to your dining experience. The long handle design not only makes it easy to hold and manipulate the spoon while eating, but it also prevents your hand from getting too close to the hot soup or noodles.

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The Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon set is not just functional. They also add a touch of authenticity to your Asian dining experience. The traditional design of the spoons reflects the rich cultural heritage of Asian cuisine. Whether you are serving a comforting bowl of miso soup, a flavorful bowl of pho, or a spicy bowl of ramen, these spoons will enhance the presentation of your dish.

Our Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon Set is not just limited to Asian cuisine. These versatile spoons can be used for a variety of other dishes as well. The deep bowl of the spoon is perfect for serving appetizers, desserts, or even small portions of pasta. The ceramic material is also resistant to staining and odor, making it easy to clean and maintain.

These spoons are not only a practical addition to your kitchen, but they also make for a great gift. Whether you are shopping for a food enthusiast or someone who appreciates Asian culture, our Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon Set is sure to impress. The set comes beautifully packaged, making it a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion.

So why settle for ordinary spoons when you can elevate your dining experience with our Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon Set? Order your set today and start enjoying your favorite Asian dishes in style!

daho gomsu asian ceramic soup spoon, with long handle easy to hold, non-slip bottom, for japanese ramen, chinese wonton, dumplings, pho, noodle soup spoons, set of 4 (v86)
Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon

Long Handle for Easy Handling

One of the standout features of our Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon Set is the long handle. The extended length of the handle makes it easy to reach into deep bowls without burning your fingers. Whether you’re enjoying a hearty bowl of ramen or a steaming hot plate of hokkien mee, these spoons will make your dining experience more enjoyable.

The ergonomic design of the handle also provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to effortlessly scoop up every last bit of soup or noodles. Say goodbye to awkwardly balancing your spoon on the edge of the bowl or struggling to get to the bottom of your dish.

Not only does the long handle provide practical benefits, but it also adds an elegant touch to your dining table. The sleek and slender design of the handle complements the overall aesthetic of the spoon set, making it a stylish addition to any table setting.

DAHO GOMSU Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon, with Long Handle Easy to Hold, Non-slip Bottom, for Japanese Ramen, Chinese and Vietnamese Wonton, Noodle Soup Spoons (V86)

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  • Versatile and Durable: Asian soup spoons are designed especially for Japanese ramen, miso, Chinese wonton, dumplings, pho, and noodle soup.
  • Perfect Size and Design: 6.4"L, 1.8"W, 1.38"D; long and curved handles make them very easy to hold and prevent falling into bowls.
  • Environmentally and Health-friendly Ceramic: The manufacturing process is efficient, reducing the consumption of energy, water, and raw materials.
  • Easy Clean & Stack: Easy to clean and stack thanks to the perfect high-density glaze coating and dishwasher safe;
  • A Wonderful Gift Idea: This set of Asian soup spoons makes a great gift for friends, families, or anyone interested in Asian culture.
Part Number V86
Model V86
Color Multicolor
Size 6.95*1.97*1.38

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